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The truth about the iHeater IH-1500W

The iHeater IH-1500W Quartz Infrared Heater advertisements claim that the product heats a home for about $1.00 a day. The truth is, that is rarely the case. The iHeater usually costs much more than that, but there is hope. The iHeater does cost far less to run in most homes than running a traditional heating system.

iHeater 1500 Image

The trick to using the iHeater is to use it along with the main heating system in the home. Turn down the main heater temperature several degrees. Use the iHeater to keep the room at a level heat. The iHeater keeps moisture in the air moving, thereby making the heat in the room more even.

Although the iHeater does not run on $1.00 per day, it does cut the heating bill drastically. Some claim that it cut their heating bill in half during the worst winter weather. The heater works best in areas that are closed in. Open floor plans make it more difficult to heat the home with an iHeater. Homes with drafts and poor insulation will not fare as well with the iHeater, but it will still offer a great deal of savings on the heating bill regardless.

The iHeater does keep items such as furniture warmer, making the entire room more comfortable to sit in. It works well in bedrooms to keep blankets and sheets warm. Purchasing this heater should come with a warning that it does not keep the house hot. The most that should be expected of the iHeater is to keep the room comfortably warm. Those who prefer a hot home should not purchase this heater with great expectations.

The iHeater is a great addition for the home, only when used as stated above. It is not a miracle worker and should not be expected to be one.

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